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    Frequently Asked Questions
    A. Shopping
    B. Minimum Order
    C. Restock Order
    D. Change Order
    E. Cheaper Rates/Rebate Program
    F. Payment
    G. Shipment/Packaging
    H. Self Collection
    I. Return/Refund/Replacement
    J. Currency
    K. Taxes
    L. No Reply
    M. System Errors
    O. General Questions
    A. Shopping
    DeShoppe.com was designed with our customers’ interest at heart. We try our best to provide user-friendly interface and navigation to ease our customers’ shopping experience with us. If you find any discomfort at all in using our website, please do fill in the Feedback Form available to enable us to provide you with better services if possible.

    Purchase Flow;
    Please refer to our Purchase Flow for easier reference on “How To Shop With US”.
    No, our customers are not obligated to buy the products if they change their minds as long as no payment has yet to be made.
    You will need to login to view the prices in our shop. To be able to login, do ensure that you are registered with us.
    Everytime when you login to the system, the system will clean up previous products that you have placed into the shopping cart that is now no more available or out of stock.
    B. Minimum Order
    Yes. For first time purchase minimum order is $300. Every subsequent purchase is $100.
    Yes and the product that you are interested in will be charged at Retail Price.
    Kindly let us know the product code and quantity that you want and we will quote you the charges based on Retail Price.
    No, all 1st timers need to meet the $300 criteria in order to protect the interest of our customers.
    If you are only buying beads, tools and other parts, yes you can purchase at a minimum of $150 for your first order.

    However you will not be able to submit the order online. Just add the items you want into your cart then once you are done please notify us, we will create the Purchase Order for you. Please do note the items that you can add in are beads, tools, packaging, parts and chains only.
    It depends on your member a/c. If you registered in RM then your minimum for first order is RM300.
    C. Restock Order
    Do send us an enquiry whenever you are in doubt on whether we will restock a sold out product. We might!
    D. Change Order
    Yes, just email us the below (refer to sample);

    Product Code & Quantity | New Product Code & New Quantity
    1. xxx-xxxx (10) | zzz-zzzz (20)
    2. xxx-xxxx (3) | zzz-zzzz (2)
    3. xxx-xxxx (5) | zzz-zzzz (7)

    We will recalculate the total for you, and you will have to bank in the extra before we send out the order.
    E. Cheaper Rates/Rebate Program
    We have a rebate program for certain amount of purchases. Please refer to Cash Rebates.
    If you meet both the criteria below and still haven’t gotten your rebates, please contact us through email or msn and we will check for you.

    1. You will have to meet our required amount for rebates. Please refer to Cash Rebates.

    2. Rebates will be credited into your deshoppe.com account AFTER shipment or for self-collection it will be after item collected and full payment made.
    F. Payment
    Customers can directly bank in or make Telegraphic Transfer the total charges to our bank a/c.
    There will be an invoice with payment details sent to your registered email account within 24 hours you submit your order to us.
    Currently we only accept deposits into the below bank accounts;
    1. Maybank Malaysia – By Default
    2. CIMB Malaysia – By Request
    3. Heong Leong Malaysia – By Request
    4. Citibank Malaysia – By Request
    5. HSBC Malaysia – By Request
    6. DBS Singapore – For Singaporeans Only
    Please be advised that the invoice with payment details will only be sent to your registered email account within 24 hours you submit your order to us therefore, we might not have sent it out yet. Otherwise, do the below;
    1stly, please check your spam mail if it ended up there.
    If not, you can login to your member account view/download it. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the download.
    Else just drop us a mail and we will send it to you again.
    Usually we have not canceled your order; however, the products in the submitted order are only put on hold for a maximum of 3 days until payment is made. If you are still interested do let us know and we will update the available products on your order and send to you an updated invoice.
    Yes definitely. However, you will still need to meet the minimum order requirements, first time purchase minimum order is $300, and every subsequent purchase is $100.
    G. Shipment/Packaging
    DeShoppe.com recognizes the importance of shipping your items so that they arrive in perfect condition, and we use a variety of packaging materials to protect the products you've ordered. However, we do hope you don't mind if you get an ugly recycled box. We believe in recycling and reduce wastage.
    We will send out your products within 1-4 working days after payment received.
    Shipping itself is highly dependable on the shipping company that you have selected.
    It is important not to delay your order and payment if you are in a rush to have your products within the next one to two days.
    Kindly login to your account and check for the status of your invoice. Your order has been sent out if status is "Delivered". If not, your order is still pending for processing.
    All orders are sent out for delivery at 18:00(UTC+08:00), from Monday to Friday. You will be able to check on the delivery status after 20:00(UTC+08:00).
    You can choose to use either by Courier or Normal postage for international shipping. As for the shipping cost, we will only be able to quote you after you have submitted your order through our website as we will need to quote you base on the total weight of products you have ordered.
    H. Self Collection
    Do make an arrangement with us on when to collect the order, usually your order will be ready for collection within 1-4 working days after payment received.
    Collections after our formal working hours are possible, though we will be closed for collections on Public Holidays.
    You will still need to pay a NON-refundable 30% or $100 deposit (whichever is higher) before we start to process your order. The balance of the payment can be paid during collection.
    Cheras Warehouse (Monday – Sunday from 9.00am - 6.00pm)
    The Gardens Mid Valley Cold Storage (Monday – Friday from 5.00pm – 5.30pm)
    Solaris Mount Kiara (Monday - Sunday from 12.00pm - 2.00pm)

    Self Collection is on appointment basis. Kindly contact our Customer Service for appointment.
    I. Return/Refund/Replacement
    No, we do not refund on goods that are not sold.
    If there are any defected products, please email us the photo of the products within 2 days you received the product and we will inform the management for possible solutions. However we are not responsible for shipping defects which is caused during shipping.
    J. Currency
    Right now we only accept payment in US dollar, Singapore dollar and Ringgit Malaysia
    Once your account is registered under certain currency, you will not be able to change to other currency. This is due to the cash rebates program will be fixed to currency you have set during the registration process.
    K. Taxes
    If you are located in Canada or UK and European countries, VAT, GST, local sales tax is applicable. This would be collected by your local customs agent and would be payable on delivery. Normally apart from the sales tax percentage, an additional brokerage would also be applicable.
    It is advisable to check with your local customs first before making purchasing decisions.
    L. No Reply
    Emails are prioritised for response in the order in which they are received. A member of our service team will respond to you as soon as possible, within 24 hours.
    Our formal working hours is from 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.
    Any email or calls received after our formal working hours will be replied asap, within 24 hours.
    M. System Errors
    Please kindly Contact Us and we will guide you through it.
    O. General Questions
    It depends on which ring. You can refer to the details of each product in our web.
    All prices listed are wholesale price.
    Currently we do not have any catalogs yet; however our company is working on it to provide a down-loadable version of catalog for our customers. We are still in the initial stage on developing it.
    Yes you may if you have purchased the products from us, however we will not remove the watermarks from the pictures.
    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the attachment. Alternatively you may login to deshoppe.com to view the online version.
    Currently we do not cater for walk-in customers yet. We will update you once we have it up.
    Yes, samples are available at retail prices. You can place your goods in the cart but do not submit the order to us. Email or MSN us that you wish to buy the sample instead and we will send you the Invoice.
    On your 2nd order if you can meet the min purchase of $300 for first timer, we will recalculate your previous products bought at retail price to wholesale price and debit back the money into your member account.
    We are sorry but you can only purchase our samples online. We are not open for walk-in viewing yet and the goods are all stocked up in our warehouse.
    We do not have any reseller for our products. As far as we know, only at deshoppe.com you can purchase our products.
    No, only Cheras.
    Please check in your Junk mail folder and if it is not there, please wait for 15 minutes as sometimes email gets delayed. If you still not able to receive the activation email, try go to the Resend Activation Code page and request a resend. Please make sure the email address that you used for registration is valid. If you still have problem activating your account please write to us at customerservice@deshoppe.com
    As we are a wholesale company, do note that our products can get sold off pretty quickly. Products are released to customers that have make payment first. In order not to run into this situation, please make payment as soon as you can.
    Usually this is due to fast selling item(s) being faulty or failed the QC inspection during packaging for shipment and we have no more in stock to replace it/them, therefore we will report out of stock to our customer and advice for a replacement.
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